Founded by award-winning photographer, Vanessa Hurr, Temerity Photography is one of the most authentic visual storytellers in the Midwest.


I believe that the all-in, hearts-full, love-driven adventures of couples and families are what truly make life worthwhile. I would be honored + flattered to capture a small glimpse of the life you have created with your loved one(s). 

Wedding portrait by Jaclyn Simpson

Wedding portrait by Jaclyn Simpson


About Award-Winning Photographer, Vanessa Hurr

After 13 years of living + shooting weddings in Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and Chicago I've finally landed myself back in the Midwest. I cannot begin to tell you how excited that makes me! Recently, my husband and I decided to pack up our things (including our adorable puppy, Lucy) and set up shop in Madison, WI. 

Like a lot of folks I know, my love affair with photography started in a dark room in high school where the excitement of developing film was consuming. I went on to receive my degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and quickly found myself enamored with documenting families, weddings, and all things lifestyle. My current address is in the Midwest, but my travels for work and pleasure have taken me around the globe and back again. To me, home is where the heart is and my heart has left pieces all over the world for which I am thankful.

I too am 'all in' with this love business and I have to say that it's working for me. I tied the knot to the love of my life in May of 2016 and haven't look back since.